How to Choose a Watch for a Woman: When n Which

How to Choose a Watch for a Woman: When n Which

Along with the beautiful eye makeup, elegant jewelry and a trendy clutch, woman is considered to have a true classy taste when she wears an up-to-the-minute branded watch. A watch is all about the personality and this understanding of personality is important before deciding even for a branded watch. There are different types of watches in fashion currently but how to choose a watch for a woman is the question that needs to be addressed. So, I decided to help you out to have a clear thought for your timepiece from your special occasion to your daily routine wear and every one would say watch out her wrist 😀

Bracelet watches – Choose for a Trendy Woman

Bracelet or a watch? Well, you can have the experience of both these types of watches. This is the most trending style of ladies’ watch, therefore, they are famous among women and girls of all ages. Above all, golden-colored or silver-colored bracelet watches are all-time popular and can match with any type of outfit the women are wearing.

how to choose a watch for a woman

Wrap watches – Choose for a Glam Woman

Wrap watches are available in two strap types i.e. as a bracelet style wrap and as a leather wrap. From sporty look to classy look, these watches are likable by women as it adds a cool plus in personality. Further, leather wrap watches look amazing on jeans with a t-shirt, floral maxis, and other comfortable dresses. With elegant party dresses, bracelet style wrap watches add a glam to the personality.

how to choose a watch for a woman

Interchangeable watches

What if you want to match your watch with every dress or every shoe color you wear? Sounds great and the answer is yes you can. Interchangeable watches have a detachable strap that you can change easily with the color you like. In short, you can match the strap color with shoe color, dress color, the color of your belt or the color of the jewelry you are wearing.

Double tone watches – Choose for a Classy Woman

The era of the 1930’s was the peak time for these watches and now these classic watches have a comeback on the dressing table of classic women. Watch having gold and steel in combination gives a glamourous outlook to your personality. Gucci, Rolex and Prestige Swiss Quartz are on the top list to search for this taste. You will be amazed just after trying this one.

double toned watch for a woman

Flowery design watches

Imagine you are on your vacations, wearing a floral maxi and riding a bicycle in a garden of blooming flowers on a fresh spring/ summer morning. Wearing a floral design watch completes the beautiful scene and gives a fresh impression of your personality. In addition, light-colored straps with white dial background and dark/light-colored flowers on it make a perfect match.

White watches

A beautiful wrist watch style for women. White color is the symbol of softness and elegance. When you wear a watch having a white color then it reflects the elegance of your personality. It is also a soft but strong plus in your style. Printed or plain dresses are a perfect match for this watch type.

white watches for women

White dial watches

Watch of any type would have an eye-catching look if it has a white dial inside it. Moreover, contrast-colored straps add value to the overall look of a white dial watch.

Smartwatches – Choose for a Smart Woman

The city girl millennial who needs her life to be easy while being busy in her activities, the smartwatch is a must-have. It not only tells the time but is a fitness buddy, a health tracker, a personal navigator, a jukebox and plays videos too. Those who want to share memorable moments with friends or family can have social media right on their wrist.

smart  watch for women

Now answers to the questions like different types of watches for ladies, how to choose a watch for a woman (definitely the love of your life your wife), Ladies’ watches styles in fashion and trending styles of ladies watches are all answered in this single post. I hope this is what you were searching for. Happy choosing.


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  1. These women’s watches are all so beautiful. Thank you for the excellent advise on how to choose a watch!

  2. I personally have never been a watch wearer, but my mother and grandmother were and still are. I loved reading this, makes sense and may help in buying any upcoming gifts.

  3. Great post very interesting and fashionable.

    1. I always love a beautiful watch. I was supposed to treat myself with one pair this holiday season. I guess it’s not too late.

  4. I not really crazy about watches but most of the time those are perfect to gifts.

  5. Thank you for these tips! great timing…my girlfriend’s birthday is next month..I am planning to buy one for her. I would love to buy those classic ones. I think wristwatch (not a smartwatch) is coming back to fashion in 2020.

    1. oh happy birthday to her in advance…yup smartwatches are in fashion again


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