How to choose a perfume for a woman:  Yep! The Choice Must Be Her’s :)

How to choose a perfume for a woman: Yep! The Choice Must Be Her’s :)

To choose a perfume for a woman is not an easy thing. As Sonia Rykiel says 

“Perfume follows you; it chases you and lingers behind you. It’s a reference mark. Perfume makes a silence talk.”

Likewise, you cannot see, hear or touch a scent but can only smell, similarly I would try to give you that feel through this piece of writing. Personality traits greatly influence the choice of scents. Someone who is shy will have different scent preferences than someone with an outgoing personality. I would recommend you perfumes that are soft and long lasting. Moreover that  would perfectly suit your personality. The choice would  leave a striking impression of you on others. You may find your perfume personality from below mentioned fragrance families:

Floral Fragrances – Choice of a Romantic Woman


Traditional scents mostly liked by romantic natured women. Therefore, gives a fresh tone to personality with light makeup and jewelry. Summers or spring season is best to wear such fragrances. Further, this category includes perfumes such as crystal flowers by montale, Jo Loves Pomelo, and ESTÉE LAUDER BEAUTIFUL EAU DE PARFUM.

Woody Fragrances – Like a Natural Beauty Perfume for a Woman


These scents are warmly associated with rosewood, agarwood sandalwood, or cedar. Every so oftentimes these fragrances contain the citrus touch. Perfumes of this category include Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau De Parfum and Michael Kors Wonderlist Eau De Parfum.

Fruity Fragrances – Energetic Perfume for a Woman


The fruity freshness of peach, melon, raspberry fall in this category of perfumes. Choose this perfume for a woman who wants a strong boost and fresh feeling throughout the day. Perfumes of this category are Ghost Sweetheart Eau De Toilette and Nina Ricci Bella Eau De Toilette.

Green Fragrances – Leafy n Fresh


An earthy smell having leafy, grassy and herbal notes. Green scents may have ivy leaves, rhubarb and violet leave as ingredients giving the fresh garden feel. Perfumes liked in this category are Pettigrain Green Tea Perfume By Earth Mother Soul Sister and Green NANADEBARY for women.

Citrus Fragrances – Sweet n Sharp Combination Woman Perfume


Lemon, grapefruit, orange, and mandarin are the ingredients of these scents. The addition of a floral tone with citrus scents gives an edge to the fragrance. In short a must-have addition to the wardrobe. Perfumes such as JO MALONE LONDON BASIL & NEROLI COLOGNE, Pacifica Beauty Malibu Lemon Blossom Perfume, and L’Occitane Refreshing Verbena Eau de Toilette are included in citrus fragrances list.

Aquatic Fragrances – Ocean Breeze Freshness for Love Lady


These scents have a feeling of light and fresh ocean breeze. Seawater aroma along with the citrus, floral and spicy notes is the composition of these scents. Suits best and gives a cool feeling during hot summer days. You can wear them from light casual parties to the daily office routine.  For instance, Mar de Ibiza essence of the sea and Issey Miyake’s L’Eau d’Issey are the most amazing collections of aquatic fragrances.

Gourmand Fragrances – Sweet Cravings Perfume Choice of a Sweet Lady


These scents refresh childhood days. It has edible gourmand notes such as vanilla, chocolate, and sugar. Liked by the women’s personality who want to enjoy the dessert fully until the last spoon. So just, try it to have a variety of life flavors. Black Opium by YSL and Thierry Mugler’s Angel are the true essence of gourmand fragrances.

Oriental/Spicy Fragrances – Hot n Bold Lady Fragrances


A true taste of bold natured women. These are winter tone scents having flavours such as ginger, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Most importantly, it gives you a cozy warmth of a coffee mug when applied for night gatherings. Additionally, with dark makeup and jewelry, it gives the heavenly effect. Nineveh 109 parfums, Baume et Bois, and Hallucinogenic Pearl are the hot choices.


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