Financial Independence of women is the actual women empowerment

Financial Independence of women is the actual women empowerment

There were times when men use to go out of the house to earn goods for his family. After this modification of society and when the women empowerment movement really took its place, the women of Pakistan started to make their own place in every space of life. At first, it became very strange to accept this fact that women are earning, then men became habitual. I am not saying that it’s fully acceptable until now because many families still think that the source of income is not good by women. But all and all it’s better than the previous era because we are seeing women sharing their contribution proudly. We can ultimately say that the financial independence of women is the actual women’s empowerment.

First, keep in your mind that how women access to this point of fact, just by educating them. It’s so important for them for us and society.

Second, if we are talking about women empowerment, it does not mean that I am suppressing men or trying to prove anyone’s superiority.

Women are part of society, and their contributions mean a lot in every term.

Let’s discuss why financial independence for women is important every now and then, and especially during different situations like this.

To support a family – Because of financial Independence of women

As I said, the only father is an earning source for almost all the family members. But in today’s times, the ratio of expenses of families is growing fast by time. The living style is becoming more luxurious.

Everyone has their right to elevate the standard of living. Obviously, when the bar of the standard is elevating, a bar of money is raising too. Women who are financially independent are most likely to contribute to their everyday expenses and needs while helping in meeting the economic goal.

To help in crises

Crises or bad times are part of lives and it never comes by a warning. You all can understand the situation because of the present attack by COVID 19. I personally knew a family with both working heads. Girl owns a home-based business and her husband has a job in the private sector. Now when the lockdown begins, her husband lost his job because of crises while she is running her store proudly. This is only one example I am sharing. I know that you knew too. Further, every family needs to be secured by this amazing example of empowered women.

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To Feel more responsible – Happens due to Financial Independence of Women

Women should be earning for themselves. There is a  huge list of all the dreams and plans an individual has in their eyes. Depending on someone else may result in the damage of their self-respect and honor sometimes. It’s good to have money by your side as it gives you power. I am so happy that I am earning my money and I am saved by many distractions too.

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To set an example

Financial independence for women is important when it came to be an example. Self-powered women, driving her own car, we’ll dressed personality will always be a role model to the youngers around. A lady who has all these necessities will not tolerate any kind of violence and mistreatment towards her. That’s how women empowerment works and that’s how she will be an example to all.

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It’s better when you’re wrong married

Being married is a choice, but sometimes it’s a reinforced relationship. Many girls are tortured to get married to man which leads to more problems and violence and abuse. At this critical time when women don’t have any other support, her money can pay a huge role in her living to get legal support.

To stop feeling like a burden – Possible through financial independence of Women

Many households have this concept that sons are better than a daughter. Because the son will help in their incomes while daughters always have to take. To remove this mindset, women in Pakistan are working before and after marriage. A daughter seems like a curse when it came to the pathetic dowry system. But I’ve seen this changing too now because women are supporting their families more than a son.

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If someone has married and lost their spouse by an accident or by divorce, stop feeling like a curse or start living like a punishment. Tighten your belt and support yourself because you can do best for yourself. Moreover, learn a skill if you don’t have any. Just dive into the market.

Women are taking care of children, their families, their businesses, and leading households are such queens. I am literally out of my words when I am seeing a family depending on the income of women. Whether it’s cooking business, beauty products, clothing lines, or simply working as a blogger like me are smart and women of today. Financial independence for women in today’s need.


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