22 Essentials to be Always in Your Handbag

22 Essentials to be Always in Your Handbag

Wow, I have got a beautiful and trendy handbag, Amazing. Hmm…Mobile phone? Check. Money? Check….what else? Nothing!! Let’s go!! Meanwhile, Umm, my earring is going to fall, where is the earring back? oops, It’s lost!! What should I do? O my God! I have to attend the meeting……………………..spoof…Listen, ladies, be on a safe part and consider these essentials to be always in your handbag. They are the lifesavers actually. So go ahead and keep exploring. Have a nice day 🙂


Keep it in your bag even in winters as most of the women think of it in summers only. It’s your ultimate solution and it protects you from the UV rays and from the sun. Keep your skin well hydrated with an SPF 30-35 minimum.

sunscreen for handbag


Overexposure to sun rays can harm your eyes as well. A pair of sunglasses should be on top of the handbag essentials. Most important thing is that the protection will help to reduce your chances of getting skin cancer on your lids and macular deterioration.

Small-sized makeup mirror

Use a small-sized mirror to check you out whenever and wherever you need. In short, one of the most useful things to keep in your bag. 

mirror handbag essentials

Powder Compact

Ventilate your face with a long-lasting sheer powder. Therefore, just keep it with you, in a shade that matches your skin tone and apply it using the sponge. Make sure that you first blob the powder and pat well onto the skin and then blend it evenly. This makes the skin look spotless and fresh.

powder compact handbag essentials

Extra Hair Tie

A must-have for your friend and you too :). So, have it in the bag wherever you go.

extra hair tie handbag essentials
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Moisturizer gives you a no-makeup and a natural look. It is also best for the girls with a dry to combination skin. So it should be something that is not overlooked.

moisturizer for handbag essentials


Two strokes of mascara are all you need to pull on your look for your entire day. Above all, you will love your eyes 🙂

Hair Brush – Handbag Essentials are Incomplete without this

A comb is necessary, regardless of the season or the weather outside. Even though you are amazingly dressed up, you feel incomplete if you do not use it.  It refreshes your look as well as give you the contented feeling. So, keep that hairbrush alongside wherever you go.

hairbrush for handbag essentials
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Perfume / Body Spray – Ultimate Among Handbag Essentials

Perfume or the body mist gives you a fresh feeling throughout the day. For example, you just stepped out of the house wearing that perfect fragrance you love and wait… what? with time it starts fading. Oh no, what happened to the perfume I had? The answer to this question is your bag. Just have your perfume in your bag so that you rescue yourself in times of need.

perfume as handbag essentials

Lipstick / Lip tint

Keep lipstick or a lip tint with you for a fresh look. Also, apply whenever your lips feel parched.

lipstick as handbag essentials

Sanitizer or Soap – The Utmost Among Handbag Essentials

Even you go shopping or hang out, you touch things or stuff that has germs. Similarly, if you use the public toilet during your traveling or during long hours of shopping you need to wash your hands. Thus, it is not wrong to include among the handbag essentials a woman should carry.

sanitizer for a handbag
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Medicines – Life-saving Handbag Essentials

Even on daily basis travel, you should keep essential medicines with you like stomach issues, headache, fever, cold and other important medicines.

medicines for handbag
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What if you come out of your house and then you suddenly clicked for your important documents left inside.  You need to go back but you don’t have the keys and your brother is sleeping who used to open the door. What would you do then? The only solution to this situation is to keep extra housekeys along and put it in your bag wherever you go.

housekeys handbag essentials
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Power Bank / Charger

You don’t want your phone to die on your trip with friends or during an official trip. So carry it along with girls. 


When you stuck in a cab or metro, earphones are the only rescue for your boredom. So, just reassure yourself that you have it in your bag.

Face wipes / Tissues – The UnMatchable Among Handbag Essentials

Travel during hot summers becomes refreshing again if you have face wipes with you. Tissues are also required for cleaning almost everything instantly during traveling. So have them on your part.

facewash handbag essentials

Safety Pins

Safety pins are the lifesavers if you pop a button or a closure. In other words, have it handy in your handbag. Always!

keep safety pins always
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Sanitary Pads / Tampons – Optimum Among Handbag Essentials

Save yourself from the surprise visitor and keep your secrecy by having tampons in your bag. Yes! It is important.

Spare Earring Back – Unrivalled in a Group of Handbag Essentials

An alternative to a lost earring back.

earring back to keep handy

Card Holder

You always have time shortage and you are in a hurry in the morning. Therefore, quick and easy access to your ATM card or your office card is paramount. So keep them all in the cardholder and make sure you keep it in your bag.

card holder for a handbag

Mouth Refreshers / Chewing Gum – Fresh Breathe Handbag Essentials

Only teeth brushing and a mouth wash is not enough for a long day. For instance, just imagine you have a meeting lined up in the evening, what effect of your personality that bad breath gives? Omg!! So, do not make a mistake and have a mouth refresher or a chewing gum in your bag. Must!!

chewing gum to keep with you

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Healthy Snack and Water – Paramount Amidst Handbag Essentials

So you are losing weight and on a diet and you need to go somewhere outside for long hours. You, meanwhile, get hungry but only you can see around are the fried items and the junk food with a sweet drink along. So, to get rid of such issues have a water bottle and some healthy snacks always with you in your bag.

healthy snack and water for bag


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  1. Totally agree, especially for the hair ties. I have super long and thick hair so it’s not rare that one breaks and so I always have a spare in my bag.

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  4. I have most of them at my bag all the time except for the healthy snacks and that I am working on changing cause I think they are really important if you don’t want to snack on unhealthy alternatives.

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  6. As a man that does not carry a handbag, I can say that I envy women and the vast amount of items that they carry. It’s like they say, you don’t have to get ready if you stay ready.

  7. Some of the items I have never thought to keep in my bag. Thank you for sharing the list.


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