Working moms deserve extra appreciation

Working moms deserve extra appreciation

“Sarah! Maria! Come on, be quick. The school bus is just about to reach. Pack your bags. Your father has already left for the office after breakfast. I am also getting late. I have prepared lunch for you. Just take that as you return” Mom shouted while locking home hurriedly and left. She knew she has a hectic day in the office as well as in the home as she returns. This is a common scene of all working moms who are running on the clock The time is changed but for a working mom, struggles are the same. The time is changed but for a working mom, struggles are the same. So if she is handling these tough jobs simultaneously, then I must say working moms deserve extra appreciation.

The responsibilities of Working Moms

Let’s start with understanding the concept of working mom. These are those ladies who are wearing two caps at a time, a nurturing, caring mom, and an earning hand for the family. Life becomes difficult for them. Not because they are not capable of fulfilling both responsibilities but because people can’t let them live in a tension-free environment.

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The Pressures of Working Moms

Working moms deserve extra appreciation and are really talented. They are experts in multitasking and usually achieve their goals but this affects their mental and physical health. They need to understand that they are as human as their husband, or children are. Friends, family, and at times even husbands and children make them guilty for their professional careers. No one tries to fit in her shoes. The pressures of daily office and household routine are real for them.

Do they always want to be the perfect mom who can never neglect their children? Nobody realizes their pressures. These pressures are shown in their health issues. They are continuously depressed, stressed, fatigued, and even face blood pressure issues. According to a research printed in “Independent” full time working, mothers are 40% more stressed  (Barr, 2020). This is not an easy task to nurture another human being even if it is a tiny creature. The most neglected person in the home is a working mom herself.

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Are we Doing Justice with Working moms?

Don’t you feel it is a bit unjust with career-oriented moms? They should be loved and cared for as a human being. I truly believe that working moms should respect and care for themselves. This is the first step towards their good mental health. Usually, ladies are always guilty and always embarrassed that they can’t meet the standard that is set by society or husband or in-laws or even their friends & family. These are the people who even can’t give her emotional support.

Why do I mean why they have to prove their OTT performance to the people around them? Moms are only answerable/accountable to themselves. They must be satisfied with their efforts. As we all know as human beings, we can only make sincere efforts. The rest is in Allah’s hand.

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Famous Working Moms who deserve extra appreciation

If we look around us we can find many successful working moms. In politicians, we have Begum Khalida Zia and Shiekh Haseena Wajid from Bangladesh, Hillary Clinton, Erna Solberg(prime minister of Norway). Most gynecologists are females who excel in their field along with their domestic responsibilities. Currently, Sania Mirza is a mom who is pursuing her tennis career successfully along with her small baby boy. These are some examples of successful working moms.

We need to change our thinking patterns. We should be encouraging and supportive to them. They are not superhuman. They have lows and highs in their life and our toxic behavior makes their life more difficult by judging them. Can’t we just encourage their efforts? It is not difficult at all… As the famous novelist Thomas Hardy said, The perfect woman, you see is a working-woman; not an idler; not a fine lady, but one who uses her hands and her head and her heart for the good of others.   

working mothers deserve your appreciation

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