Women can’t drive!! O really?

Women can’t drive!! O really?

You should keep a car driver with you….You should not drive dear otherwise you will lose your limbs while accident who will marry you then?…….. Women can’t drive well. They are just there to sit behind a male driver beside him in a car. If a male driver can’t avoid the little thuds, that’s because there are too many on the road. If a female driver can’t avoid it, people glare at her, as if it was a “death hole”.

We always visualize such scenes and listen to the voices like that. It is really a matter of our upbringing. Baby girls are given dolls and baby boys are given cars to play with….why this is so…. “Second” sex isn’t suitable to drive? They can’t take the car in a reverse direction easily? I question them, are you a “certified regional transport officer” to judge whether she is perfect for driving or not?… I think this is the time to shake our minds. There is a great need to overcome all these stereotypes and it is upon us girls!! This is the matter of being emotionally stable for us actually. Just do not get these precepts on your nerves. People always say and they always talk behind you then why you make yourself suffer? Just let it go and give it a try as actions speak louder than words.

Here are a few guidelines for you my friends. Believe me, these will change your mindset and make you feel self-confident and would overcome fears while driving.

Negative experiences but women can drive 🙂

You may replay the experience in your mind which will make you worried again. Car accidents, bad weather or maybe getting lost can be your experiences. The repetitive thoughts may cause you to avoid driving and would make you feel anxious. Just take a deep breath and understand that you are in your present state and it is not necessary that history will repeat itself.

Fear of having symptoms of anxiety and being confined

Being stuck in traffic is an aggravation no one likes, but if you have a fear of panic attacks traffic can be a terrifying experience. I would not say that you lost but rather I would suggest you give yourself another chance. You will be stuck once, twice or thrice but not always. Just have a partner or friend with you who would buck you up and there you go.

Women can drive alone…out of the comfort zone

Yes, these would be the things that may come up to your mind like what if I get lost? What if my car runs out of fuel? What if I lose my cell phone signals? etc. etc.. Simply prepare yourself for such scenarios. Anybody can have these circumstances. The best thing is to be ready, which will make you feel half confident before any situation really comes.

Fear of being too fast and losing control

The physical symptoms of being out of control from anxiety, make it impossible for you to trust yourself to drive safely. Just be calm and try to make the best decisions on the road without violating traffic rules and signals first. Just stick to them and prove women can drive.

Don’t engage yourself in aggressive behaviors

Don’t lose your temper. If you get pursued, hooted at or cut off just let it go. You have a much more important thing ahead of you rather than taking revenge from that problem creating person on the road.

Drive like a “Driver” first and then prove women can drive

Irrespective of your gender, be the driver first then the female. I personally feel if a driver is able to maneuver a car well, he/she is a good driver, regardless of their gender.

Not everybody is a born driver

People of any gender make mistakes while being a new driver. When commenting about that lady’s slow driving, men should put themselves in their shoes and remember those early driving days when they used to drive slowly. Otherwise, ladies just be you people will be people 🙂


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  1. Women can be fantastic drivers. I think we have the natural ability to be more patient.

  2. I had a car accident many years ago and am still afraid to drive ever since I went for my driver’s license 3 years ago, but was so scared and had to redo my practical exam 3x … I don’t like driving and find it scaring, but I do hate the fact I can’t drive

  3. Nice read. Keep up the good work!! Cant wait to read more!

  4. I mean the woman can drive and everything, but sometimes woman can get distracted so easily and lose focus, thatch’s just in my opinion.

  5. I have never agreed with that statement and think it is pretty old school that people still think it applies. Both women and men can be excellent drivers and on the other side of the coin both men and women can be horrible drivers! It all depends on the person, how comfortable they are, etc. My husband has the same thoughts, and will tell you I am a way better driver than he is.

  6. I actually love driving and I would never imagine having a driver for myself. In fact, ever since I got my license, I am doing the driving around. The saying that women can’t drive, or that they cause accidents, it’s just a myth. It has been proven that women have much less accidents than men because they pay more attention and they have less tendencies to drink and drive.

  7. Well it depends. They can drive but are they up to the challenge of the daily grind of the road.

    1. Thanks for commenting Neil…YES there are women who can do 🙂 once they are on road there is no male female she or he is a driver 🙂

  8. Awesome post keep up the great work

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