Coronavirus quarantine: What to do with this crazy mind?

Coronavirus quarantine: What to do with this crazy mind?

A few months ago, things were not as we have today in March 2020. We are facing this huge transformation in our surroundings due to Coronavirus, in short COVID-19. Social distancing and coronavirus quarantine are now the routine worldwide as this is the main solution to this wide-spreading disease.

Physical measures – Coronavirus quarantine

The measures have enforced people to stay in their homes (called coronavirus quarantine) because according to medical experts it is necessary for plummeting the spread of the virus. So all this is from the physical perspective, which is good.

Mental activities being in coronavirus quarantine

What we are lagging behind and overlooking is the mental health perspective. Mental health is the aspect that needs to be addressed as well in this situation. I mean just see you cannot go outside. You cannot have time with friends or relatives. Cannot meet your colleagues. Difficult for you to dine out or do shopping. You just have to stay in your home with your partner, children or parents. O, God! What time is it never think of this before!!…. Anyway coming to this topic, the media, which is the only way of contact with the rest of the world nowadays, is giving awareness to the people but it is somewhat making a situation more stressful.

According to the report by Lancet, mental health concerns could be exacerbated by stressors concomitant with quarantine, like fear to get the infection, boredom, frustration, insufficient supplies, financial loss and shame linked with constricting the disease.

Unfortunately, this issue is for not only the people already having mental health anxieties but also for those having good psychological health. Moreover, companies have facilitated the employees to work from their homes. People work five days a week in their home offices, which is mostly liked by the people in my circle especially. Again, the mind does not agree to stay that long at home. At least I cannot especially on weekends. Therefore, I thought to share what I am planning to do in these days of being quarantined and what activities I have started to make most from my free time. Believe me, this is the time you can change your world and can do what you didn’t before but just used to plan for it.

Pray a lot being in coronavirus quarantine

This is the time when prayers are coming out from the core of your heart. Yes, bow your head before God and ask for his forgiveness. Just give time purely to religious activities. Talk to him in your own language and remember the good times you had by his grace. Ask him again and again for his mercy. He will answer Insha’Allah 🙂

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Do house chores

Just divide the tasks between family members and engage your children in it. I know most of us have given off to their maids and workers. I am also doing my household chores by myself and believe me the satisfaction I get by this is matchless 🙂

Spend time with your family

Just sit and enjoy watching pets and TV with your family. Talk to them, know them closely and solve their problems or simply enjoy their happiness and company.

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Do homeschooling of your kids

Kids are at home and schools are off. Best time to make them learn something new from you.

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Cook food or you can make your food channel 🙂

Cooking is an amazing therapy for your mind. Bake or cook with your kids or partner. Assign them tasks and let them prepare the ingredients required for your dish. Moreover, you can start your food channel as well. Likewise, I have started my food channel named as “Ghar ki Kukri” and show viewers what and how I cook in my kitchen. This is the therapy for my mind along with learning and a lot of fun.

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Play games

Yes, I did not take my time to enjoy the games I come to know about. I have installed cooking fever yesterday on my phone and enjoyed playing that.

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Read books and watch good movies

Have some good collection of movies and books to enjoy.

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Setup indoor work out area or indoor play area

You can make your play area or work out an area in your home. Make your own weights to carry for making muscles. Set that treadmill that is placed in your TV lounge and put all your related stuff in an organized way in one place and takes out some time for exercise there.

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Listen to the news once a day during the coronavirus quarantine period

Whenever I switch on my TV for news, I get upset. Staying away from news about surrounding is also difficult. So, I have decided to watch the news bulletin once a day so it would avoid my stress and make me informed too.  

Create or construct something if you like

I had my room cupboard door faulty and it was separated totally from the furniture. Therefore, my husband and I have fixed that closet. Make time to create or fix something at the house.

Make food packages and daily usable stuff packets for the needy and distribute

Do not forget the people around you who earn on daily wages. To follow the coronavirus quarantine strategy, people are avoiding them from coming to their homes if they are house cleaners. Shopping malls and hotels are firing waiters and staff there due to the downfall in businesses. Therefore, it is upon us now to take care of those people whose livelihood is directly affected by this devastating outbreak.

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Learn something new

Learn something new that you are passionate about.

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Give them a phone call for some relief during coronavirus quarantine

Make calls to the relatives and friends from whom you have not talked long ago due to the time shortage you had. Make use of your time for this.

Be positive

Spread positivity and authentic news related to the corona situation with your contacts. Do not spread something for which you are not confirmed.

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It is agreed that you are worried; you feel helpless and have fears about the future. Your mind is getting crazy during this coronavirus quarantine. Presently you cannot concentrate on your work. You may have difficulty sleeping and have disturbed eating patterns. You are worried about your family and whatnot. All agreed. But just know this is the situation prevailing with everybody out there. You are not alone. Again I will say make use of this time that you will remember in your entire life. Open your inner eye and observe what is going on and then you realize you have to move with faith. Nothing less and nothing more to say. Stay blessed.


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  1. I love this post especially since I’m in quarantine during the coronavirus. Spending time with family helps people remain social and keeps their mind engage with another human, this tip really hits home. The other two tips I like are learn something new and be positive, all we have are hope and our ability to keep ourselves from being bored. I was planning to take up crocheting since that’s been all the rave in my little friendship circle.


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