What makes someone beautiful on the inside – The True Beauty

What makes someone beautiful on the inside – The True Beauty

God – The creator who makes beautiful on the inside

Have you ever think that from where we came and to where we have to go? Likewise, where the people go who we see around us? Why don’t they come back and what is the mystery behind that? Well, there is one point of intersection for all these aspects. “The God”, yes the God. Our face, our body, our fate, our strength, our weakness, our happiness, our sadness, our health, our illness and what not everything is due by his orders upon us. We are the unique creations of God with everything unique in ourselves even our fingerprints. Similarly, what makes someone beautiful on the inside?God? Yes, He does. But do we maintain that inner beauty as we grow older? This is the point of thought actually.

Your role to be someone beautiful on the inside

It is definite that every human being has something to add to this world, nature has created him for a purpose but what actually it is? this is what we need to figure out. Sensibly, we should not be proud and consider ourselves doing our job by only having stunning looks, a well-curved body, a beautiful smile, and beautiful eyes. What is our contribution to this? Actually, we need to think about the new dimensions of a lifeboat. It is our choice either to flow with the flow of life lazily by accepting the social norms for beauty or to develop deep thinking for real inner beauty. Yes, real inner beauty that comes from within. This is one that makes someone beautiful on the inside.

Do for Your Satisfaction

There is a need to be pure, precious, and tender like a child. No expectations or hidden agendas or judgment. Ever. Just focus on your strengths, learn from your weaknesses and compare yourself with the past you. Question yourself for your achievements, the steps you took forward in life, the stress you have cop up with, the decisions you made for your life.The moment when you stood up for yourself with confidence. Just weigh yourself on this scale first then call yourself actually beautiful.


Just see the depth to be someone actually beautiful

Enjoy small things in life with an open heart and have positive thinking. No one affects you more than your own thinking. Moreover, try to understand the circumstances first before concluding something. Just play the game of wait and watch. Learn to see right into the soul of everyone you meet. Do not see the skin tone, hairstyle, makeup job, weight, or size of a person. It is acceptable that outer beauty attracts first but do admit that it is not long-lasting. Long-lasting is the inner beauty, the struggles with the hard life, the success that the person achieved on his own despite having the unfair and harsh life, the behavior, the attitude the person has towards life. Just see the real being of a person. Just promise to look for and see the true beauty in others.

Wealth and outer beauty fade away but the real beauty stays forever and deepens, as you grow older. Do something that world remember you in good words when you would be no longer. This would make you beautiful on the inside, this would be your true spiritual satisfaction and achievement and ultimately it is the blessing from you to your upcoming generations.


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