How to Overcome Body-Shaming…OK, So..I am Fat !!!!

How to Overcome Body-Shaming…OK, So..I am Fat !!!!

“Ideal body” is like an hourglass, this is what we women are taught since our childhood. The Answer to the Question “How to overcome body shaming” is far far away, since the whole kit and caboodle from Barbie dolls to kids’ cartoon strips, show small girls what society considers for them and how they must look like. Moreover, this problem is becoming worse with children having amplified access to the media.

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Some Impractical Prospects – Hurdle to overcome body shaming

You will see numerous tall and extremely skinny fashion models in magazines or TV fashion shows where models have body sizes that are next to impossible for most of the women to achieve. These impractical prospects are pitched at us from every single direction and can have damaging effects on the lives of women by swaying their self-esteem, body image, and even instigating eating disorders in them.

Eating disarrays have the peak mortality rate of any sort of mental illness. These people suffer at great risk of suicide, but along with this, the lingering malnutrition they sustain takes a severe toll on their body also. Such an eating disorder may lead to heart failure or any other organ failure, severe electrolyte, and fluid imbalance, annexations, and a lot more other issues, and this rampant is keep on growing.

Being skinny is ideal at the international level and is a mounting issue in our society. It is well defined as the point to which people impute to ideals of skinniness for women.

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Just do this…

It is very important to realize that body image and self-esteem are not in the hand mirror, they are actually in our minds. The way we ponder about the way that we appear can have a genuine effect on our attitudes. Suppose there is a person who is in a regaining phase from an eating disorder, this is a day-to-day occurrence: whenever she sees herself, she can think that ‘She looks fat and her thighs are giant.’ Then, there would be a sudden feeling that she can think about herself that ‘I look huge, I feel huge and I am not that good…I am a misfit and nobody likes me. All these destructive thoughts regarding her body can have a direct negative impact on her mental health; she would feel depressed and discouraged and as a result, she may want to give up or she may stop practicing self-care.

Remind yourself the true beauty

See, there is a great effort; you need to keep reminding yourself every time this takes place that the size and shape of the body do not standardize your worth. You have a lot more to offer the world than just the shape of your body. To overcome body shaming, just focus on what you do to yourself but not nature. Above all, nature has made you beautiful and complete. Your thinking and your act is the main point to ponder.

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I truly believe and hope you will too, that the real true beauty originates from within, but I do not mean to say that outside is not important. Your outside personality is also very important. The society needs to be familiar with the fact that all body kinds are beautiful. In addition, beauty is not at all defined by your waist measurement. It is defined by who you are as an individual; your outside beauty adds a little extra beauty to your already lovely personality. Therefore, even though it becomes hard at times but love yourself, my Lady! You are the Princess 🙂


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