How is your work from home during COVID-19?

How is your work from home during COVID-19?

Everyone has their own plans with this year, so do I have. But 2020 became a nightmare and shattered all the dreams. From being in masks and protocols against that, I became home stuck I never imagined would be. In addition, work from home during COVID-19 is a new concept that has emerged.

No one exactly knew how much time would it takes to get rid of this unwanted guest in our lives. COVID-19 become our boss now. Stay home and stay safe is a decent idea but not for people like us who have to handle children as well.

I am about to say my story of work from home during COVID-19. To be honest, we have to work for a living. I and my husband both are now home with our work and laptops on our sides. It seems easy to be home, but only people who got to live in this situation knew. How it’s getting difficult for us to handle home chores, children, and office from a place.

My husband is a regular office going person and can’t tolerate any vacation without any obvious reason. Also, I am a work from the home lady. I manage my own blog and the stuff related to it. We also have two kids. Very happy naughty kids who really can’t sit at the same place at a time.

There are some pros also, and cons too. Let me share with you, point by point.

Pros of work from home during COVID-19 “My Experience

No Commute or traffic problems

Mostly in metropolitan areas and big cities like we live in, the is huge traffic. Mostly during rush hours and early morning rides. Before corona, My morning starts by dropping my babies to their schools and then head to my work station. It usually took around more than one hour. Now working from home means I don’t have to be stuck in traffic anymore.

work from home during COVID-19
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More time with Family – Blessing of work from home during COVID-19

The family stands first when you talk about priority. Back then we only have the weekend to spend some quality time. Sometimes one us always has some other stuff like to prepare presentations and all. And sometimes we had guests. Most of the time we had to compromise that specific family hour for some unusual errands. At least in this COVID-19 situation, I am grateful for spending my all-time for my family, my kids. Work from home during COVID-19 is good in this sense.

work from home during COVID-19
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No Office pressure

From looking good to good presentations and meetings. Office going people know that there is a lot of stress and pressure a single have to manage. Some times it’s hard to concentrate on work due to any reason then we have to tackle cranky boss. In this Corona lockdown, we have meetings on screens. There is no certain pressure and the heat we have to face daily.

work from home during corona
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Cons of work from home during COVID-19 “My Experience”

No particular timings

Back in days, we use to have a specific routine. Dealing all the office work at day time, then some home chores and me-time at night separates all the hustle. But now Corona mixed all the stuff together. Like I said I have kids and they stay home all the time now. I am not in favor to give them gadgets to avoid them. Also, the truth is they are dependent on us. I have to attend one meeting, then I have to cook, then they have to clean up the whole house. Similarly, my husband is facing no time fixation for his meetings. You can say that our lives rotate around work now.

remote working during COVID
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Lots of distraction

There are meetings when I have to just make an excuse because my kids are fighting, or they’re into something not safe or they want me to help them. There are meetings where my husband has to deal with the usual kid tantrum.  These distractions make us lose the concentration and mood we have required for the work.

kids and work from home
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Lack of production

I usually write more than 4 blogs per day in my back life. But now in this corona lockdown situation, I have to do multiple works including my home chores and child care, there is a lack in production by my side. Sometimes I lose my focus and sometimes I am out of time. Usually, I am too tired to look after my career.

COVID and work routine
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There is a lot of impact on this quarantine situation for sure. Everyone has their own perks and struggling stories. I shared my side of the tale I faced and experience from work from home during corona. Maybe you agree with it, maybe not. I hope you also have something to share. I’ll be waiting in my comment section.


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