Does lockdown ending really mean the ending of covid-19?

Does lockdown ending really mean the ending of covid-19?

The Government assessed the present circumstance of the economy due to covid-19 and chose to evacuate the lockdown. Now the question is “Does lockdown ending really mean the ending of covid-19?”

In Pakistan, the first case of the coronavirus showed up in February 2020. It was a student who had quite recently shown up from Iran and tested positive for coronavirus in Karachi. Then, coronavirus super spreader was the Tablighi Jamaat gathering. This was the start of march 2020. In addition, toward the end of April, reports indicated that there have been 27% of cases within the nation. As a result, the government imposed a lockdown for the protection of people. All faculties, schools, colleges, and markets were shut. Lockdown was a major issue for destitute individuals, particularly for the individuals who earn on the day by day income. It additionally affected the economy of Pakistan.

Doesn’t the ending of lockdown expand the number of cases? Is this the ending of covid-19? Completely not.Since the government permits individuals to work again.The number of cases made twice so much. In the wake of removing the lockdown on 9 May, there were 2,301 cases revealed in 24 hours.

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If both workers and clients wear face covers and follow other precautions as well, at that point it is as yet a possibility to get corona. Regardless of what number of precautions we take, it is as yet unsafe. We don’t know which individual has coronavirus because according to WHO, the infection can likewise take 14 days to show its symptoms. The government evacuated the lockdown as it was impacting the economy severely and the individuals in our nation, especially day by day wagers, little business people, cabbies, and workers are for the most part confronting a very troublesome circumstance to take care of their families and experiencing extraordinary pubescence.

Vaccines and ending of covid-19??

Despite the fact that early vaccine testing is in progress, an approved vaccine is still thought to be a year out, at any rate. Imagine a scenario in which the virus doesn’t end by evacuating lockdown and just growing. So no one knows when is the ending of covid-19. Coronavirus cases are spreading quickly every day. The total number of cases is 35,208 in Pakistan.

Nations around the globe are doing this for herd immunity, however, it may turn out badly. 

As the business sectors are opened once more, individuals are going out without improper safeguards, taking a chance with their life, don’t think about others, implying volatile behavior. Don’t they get terrified? One thing is certain individuals will accuse their carelessness and ridiculousness to the government. 

As pm Imran khan said”If the people fail to behave responsibly and eventually there is a spike in cases, we will have to enforce the lockdown again

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Our people don’t have a lot of consciousness of what can occur. People are exhausted in the house and they want to go out. They want to have some fun with their friends and some people are not even staying at home. Further, staying at home in isolation is hard. It sometimes makes us depressed. But, we need to understand how important it is to be self quarantined. How going out can be dangerous for us. We shouldn’t risk our lives for the sake of fun. Conditions can deteriorate because of the absence of mindfulness among people or perhaps it can be an invitation to another hard lockdown.

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